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Commercial Clients

Faragon Restoration, Commercial Clients

When an emergency, disaster, or catastrophic event happens, businesses are confronted with many complex challenges that go well beyond damages to their property. The financial impact  after a damaging event is often much more than just the cost of restoration. Loss of revenue is a real concern. Every minute of downtime costs the company, your staff and your customers. Faragon Restoration’s commercial restoration team responds to your emergency immediately, and offers mitigation solutions.



Faragon Restoration has more than 20 years of experience in commercial restoration and mitigation services, helping businesses like yours get back to their pre-loss state after a devastating loss.



Faragon Restoration employs industry best practices to meet your company’s unique challenges and to help minimize the impact on your business when the unexpected occurs. Faragon Restoration is skilled in every phase of restoration from the initial assessment to the final cleaning. Our capable crew will gladly undertake complete construction if rebuilding services are deemed necessary.



Our commercial clients turn to us after a disaster, because they know our goal is to minimize business interruption as quickly and economically as possible. They count on us to be available  throughout the entire process to assist them personally, with any issues that may arise. Our commercial clients trust us to perform every aspect of their restoration process with excellence.



We work closely with  insurance adjusters to assess damages, reduce losses and get your company back to business as usual.

When Emergencies Arise, Call Faragon.

Have restoration or construction work that needs to be done? Simply call our 24 hour emergency response number.

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