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Essential COVID-19 Businesses

Essential COVID-19 Businesses

During this Covid-19 pandemic your business has been our community’s heroes providing critical services. While many people were directed to stay at home to avoid the risk of infection or transmission, your workers have risked their health to provide the vital services that society needs. We are so grateful for you and know that you have been under extra stress by staying open and in continued contact with the public. These essential services include our everyday neighbors: gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, take-away/delivery services and laundromats. This also includes the many health and public safety professionals serving the community. 

Medical Facilities

Hospitals, Healthcare Providers, Retirement Communities

These workers attend to our physical and mental health and it is these front-line workers who are perhaps most at risk for infection. Faragon provides cleaning and disinfection services following the highest environmental health guidelines. We understand the extra-sensitivity to eliminating non-essential visitors from your spaces, and Faragon professionals arrive wearing full-dressed personal protective equipment and masks.

Law Enforcement Facilities

Police, Fire, Correctional, Military

Faragon Restoration salutes these individuals who take care of our collective physical safety. These workers routinely encounter unpredictable environments, however Faragon’s highly-trained professionals ensure that your home station working environment is as free from infection as possible. We employ the latest strategies for comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.


Manufacturing and Shipping Facilities

These workers are assembling, building, and transporting the supplies which will help us overcome this crisis. Faragon is here for you 24 hours a day to ensure your environment is clean and at the highest professional standards. Call today to set up your site assessment. We provide routine cleaning and disinfection to the level you require.


Food Markets and Supply Chain Systems

In the event of a loss, we can minimize learning interruption and help to maintain classroom & administrative operation and productivity. We have a long established record of serving education institution facilities.

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